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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 786-973-1252

We at Atheon Motors are revolutionizing car buying concierge service in Miami, whether you’re in the market for something fast or ultra luxury.  When buying or selling stocks and bonds you consult with a financial advisor and when purchasing a property you deal with a real estate agent.  The same should be done with expensive and rare autos.  We research your vehicle and advise our clients before they make a decision and show them data that supports there purchase with comps of similar vehicles.  Our transport team is second to none and are ready to transport locally from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.  The sales commission is then applied to the total cost of purchase and transport.  Once funds are wired and confirmed we purchase on your behalf and load your auto for transport with the buyer receiving data on each step.  This is an amazing service we are providing to all of our customers both nationally and internationally.  Here is complete breakdown of our commission rate.

We at Atheon Motors are revolutionizing the way wealthy and affluent people purchase there most prized autos.  There are many ways to do so but here we have stream lined it to benefit the client all the way.  Thank you for your time.